Property Management Gilbert Check List

What is a property management Gilbert move in check list? If you’ve ever rented or plan to rent you’ll want to know everything about the check list. Red Brick Property Management Gilbert has tips. If your landlord doesn’t offer a move in check sheet you can find out online.

During your move in you’ll want to note any issues with the home that you think the landlord may hold you responsible for. Turn in your sheet to your landlord within 10 business days on average and have them sign off on it. If you would like to go the extra mile you can snap photos with a date stamp and send them to your landlord within the 10 business days. Property Management Mesa. Take as many photos as possible, it doesn’t hurt to have more. Complete the form as detailed as possible, snap tons of photos, and turn in within 10 business days. Red Brick Property Management Gilbert will always recommend all tenants to turn them in.

Here are some common areas to focus on when turning in your checklist and snapping photos.

  1. Flooring. Many times issues are reported of staining and fraying.
  2. Walls. Many times the walls have small holes, drywall issues or paint imperfections.
  3. Landscape front and back. Be sure to note the condition of the yard, specifically the shrub, weeds or any overgrowth.
  4. Cleanliness. Make sure you are detailed on how clean the home is. When you move out you can expect to turn in the way you received it. To be safe, it’s better to clean it better than it was when you received it.

Red Brick Property Management Gilbert receives about 70% of move in checklist. To ensure a smooth move out and receive all deposits back be sure to be as detailed as possible. Red Brick Property Management Gilbert recommends all tenants to turn something in to their landlord.